A Seat for Lincoln at the Thanksgiving Table

I struggle this year with the Thanksgiving holiday. Standing Rock is on my mind and coupling the injustices with the mythology of “The First Thanksgiving” makes me want to throw my pumpkin pie at the wall. November has been that kind of month when the divisions are crystal clear. They were always there. There was […]

Can Resilience Rebuild?

The day before the 2nd anniversary of the Hurricane Sandy disaster, I attended a reception and screening of the documentary THIS TIME NEXT YEAR at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Though the film website opens with a word about “climate change,” the film itself makes no mention or claims about “why” Sandy happened, […]

Chris Paine Resurrects the Electric Car Doc

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to all the Electric Vehicle Associations across the country. Last month I attended a meeting for the EVA/DC. These were not just people showing off shiny new cars. They were showing us the future. Where was this group when I was looking for silicon cells for my solar […]

If Only It Were a Dream – “Mount Fuji in Red.”

In 1990, the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa (“Seven Samuri,” “Rashomon,” “Ran,” ) wrote and directed a series of short films based on his own dreams. “Mount Fuji in Red” is one of the “dream tales.” In our real and present world news reports say the earthquake crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant reactor is leaking radioactive […]

Eclectique Interview: Tracye McQuirter, author “By Any Greens Necessary”

I’ve always known Tracye as a vegan, health educator, and one of the most attractive energetic, and positive people you’ll meet in the capital city. As an omnivore, I credit Tracye’s pluses to her choices and priorities especially when it comes to food. I was honored when Tracye asked me to host her book launch […]