The Smithsonian NMAAHC: Experiencing a Work in Progress

Saturday, September 24, the Smithsonian Institution dedicates and officially throw open the doors to its newest museum on the National Mall – the National Museum of African American History and Culture. There will be a ribbon cutting with museum founding director Lonnie Bunch and President Barack Obama among other dignitaries and celebrity contributors. Music performances, […]

Dickensian Times

Charles Dickens wanted to change hearts and minds about the plight of the poor in Victorian London. But it wasn’t originally a narrative message he was planning to write. Even Dickens changed course on this message himself. He wrote to a friend… I’m not going to do the political pamphlet. I’m going to put out […]

George Clooney: Monument Man for the National Endowments

This post has been UPDATED When the Taliban destroy incredible pieces of architecture and art, or when American troops don’t protect museums in Iraq, you are seeing people losing their culture. And with the end of a country’s culture goes its identity. George Clooney, W Magazine I’m looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of […]

Before there was a Civil Rights Movement, there was Ida B. Wells – 150th Birthday Anniversary July 16

DEAR MISS WELLS: Let me give you thanks for your faithful paper on the lynch abomination now generally practiced against colored people in the South. There has been no word equal to it in convincing power. I have spoken, but my word is feeble in comparison. You give us what you know and testify from […]