A Seat for Lincoln at the Thanksgiving Table

I struggle this year with the Thanksgiving holiday. Standing Rock is on my mind and coupling the injustices with the mythology of “The First Thanksgiving” makes me want to throw my pumpkin pie at the wall. November has been that kind of month when the divisions are crystal clear. They were always there. There was […]

Dickensian Times

Charles Dickens wanted to change hearts and minds about the plight of the poor in Victorian London. But it wasn’t originally a narrative message he was planning to write. Even Dickens changed course on this message himself. He wrote to a friend… I’m not going to do the political pamphlet. I’m going to put out […]

Eclectique Interview: Theresa Famularo

Haven’t done an eclectique interview in some time. But I was so impressed and inspired by Theresa Famularo, co founder and co-director of Cre8ion in Sydney, Australia. Theresa knows the power of culture to build relationships, community, and bring power to place. Call her a “creative place maker.” The “joy of celebrating together” has become […]

“Ask a Slave” about Thanksgiving

I’ve got a turkey in the frig and a pie to bake for a Thanksgiving dinner. But this blog has asked the question before about whether or not Thanksgiving is a day for “celebrating” given its historical context. One of my cousins will say, it’s a “celebration of the harvest.” In these times having food […]