The “60 Minutes” interview is for me the presidential nominee’s most important media moment. This is a segment from the recent “60 Minutes” interview with the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine. CBS flipped the format from the spouses to the ticket. We’re looking at a job interview (and that’s what all this campaigning is about). We’ve certainly come a long way from “Standing by Your Man.” And plus Bill and Hillary have already done at least two of these before. Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence’s interview aired the week before and is here. Be sure to pour yourself a drink first.

IMO Hillary saved Bill Clinton’s first bid for President in this 1992 “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Croft following the Gennifer Flowers scandal. It was early enough in the campaign to pick up the pieces. And btw, what we don’t see, but was recorded, was the video light exploding during the interview. It was a moment that showed how deep marriage can be especially this one. The outtake (that aired years later) also showed the Clinton’s tenacity, to not buckle under pressure. I always warn people, Clintons can thrive in crazy.

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The Hillary in this interview from over 20 years ago is no fool personally or professionally neither does she suffer them. I didn’t notice the Arkansas governor or think he was viable at all until I saw HER.

In her acceptance speech tonight Hillary Clinton will do good to have Hillary Rodham Clinton standing by her candidate.