Now that there is at least an agreement to a cease fire between Israel and Palestinian leaders in Gaza, will we hear the voices of peace? Or will their voices be drowned out once again?

Below is a clip from the upcoming documentary “Dancing In Jaffa” featuring Pierre Dulaine from “Mad Hot Ballroom.” Hilla Medalia is director and co-producer with Diane Nabatoff who produced the feature film version of “Mad Hot Ballroom,” “Take the Lead.” Pierre was played by Antonio Banderas. Morgan Spurlock of “Supersize Me” fame is an executive producer. An international ballroom dancing star in his own right, Pierre Dulaine brings his Dancing Classrooms home to Jaffa to fulfill his lifelong dream of teaching dance to Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli children, then pairing them in a competition. Were there conflicts? Of course. Was there frustration? Most definitely. Does peace have a future? We certainly hope so.

Dancing in Jaffa Trailer from kNow Productions on Vimeo.

If you’d like to support the completion of “Dancing In Jaffa,” there’s a Kickstarter campaign at this link.