Okay, there was no blood on the floor. The Republican party took the traditional “lock step” rally around the presumptive candidate. Hurricane Isaac took a turn towards the Gulf coast. But between 2008 and 2012, Willard Mitt Romney has had to do some pretty amazing turns and back flips on policy to earn the support of the new party faithful, at the most politically far-right leaning era in the GOP’s history. What would Reagan do with this party?

Ann Romney gives the speech of her life tonight (the media crescendo makes it appear that way). Will her words put the party on an “Akin diet” to appeal to women voters?

New Jersey govenor Chris Christie will go on tonight as well. Not quite the speech of his life, but a preview of that possibility in 2016. Again, more media crescendo.

The Ron Paul delegates are, per recent tradition, the party poopers. They are a different kind of Republican, not Tea Party. The energy is there and probably more enthusiasm, but not the numbers. “Anybody but Obama” isn’t their mantra.

If you’ve read the RNC party’s platform, you obviously are not an acquiantance of House speaker John Boehner.

“Anybody read the party platform? I never met anybody,” Boehner told reporters. He said the document should be no more than one page long. “That way, Americans could actually read it.”

Source: Washington Post

Ironically, all foreign policy, defense, human rights and foreign trade issues come under the heading of “American Exceptionalism,” which has taken the party by storm. I guess that exceptionalism extends to Americans not having to read anything over a page long. Candidates usually take a big picture approach to party platforms. It’s the party’s aspirational document. After the convention, we’ll probably never see it again.

So turns out to be Mitt’s party afterall — a party of Mad Men and the women who love ’em.