Gemal Woods is doing something exciting out of his Park Triangle shop. And this blog has mentioned it before. It’s “The Angle.” A few weeks ago I went to check it out in person. Did I hear him say he has 2000 interviews recorded? Obviously there’s more to this than just an angle. I’m giving this “eclectic docuseries” some space on

Episode #6: Outsider Art (feat. Art Enables) from Park Triangle Productions on Vimeo.

Busboys and Poets is featuring episodes of “The Angle” for their In Focus film series starting February 6 at the Hyattesville, MD location; February 12 at 14th & V (DC); February 19 at Shirlington, VA; and February 26 at 5th & K (DC). More information available on this link.

Stay tuned for “The Angle” on