It appears the media is already bored with fmr Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. They want to wrap this up after SC and move on. The media was bored with Obama the day after he was elected. Anyone remember how pundits were already picking horses for the 2012 race no less than 24 hours after the new first family walked out on the stage in Chicago. 2008 seems so last week. And why so much focus on the #2 guy? When has 2 become as important as being #1. I hated being #2 even when my pre-K class lined up according to height.

E-bert and I are tossing this ball back and forth. The ball is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, son and brother of presidents.

What Laura Bush said
Several news outlets are circulating a story from former First Lady Laura Bush’s remarks at an event in Sarasota saying she and her husband, President George W. Bush, hoped Jeb would run in 2012. This started with the Florida-Herald Tribune (at least from my end); it’s now on CBS News, the Guardian, the Daily News, Houston Chronicle and Huffington Post sites. This is also running alongside another story that Jeb Bush will endorse Mitt Romney at the end of the month. Two Jeb Bush trains running. But one must keep in mind, there are certain members of the Bush family and their political friends who don’t just blurt things out.

E-bert’s got the ball. He says, check out the photograph BuzzFeed attached to the story about the endorsement. You have Jeb about to shake hands with President Obama. The sign behind him is for the White House summit “Winning the Future.” This is a story about Jeb Bush endorsing Mitt Romney. But where’s Mitt in this picture? Shouldn’t this story about an endorsement include a photo of the person being endorsed? Hmmm.

We’re now chuckling at the caption on the CBS News site:

Bush, who speaks Spanish and is married to a woman born in Mexico, has been active in trying to bring Hispanic voters – a crucial and growing vowing bloc that usually supports Democrats – to the Republican Party. Earlier this year, he said Republicans should not just run for president by attacking President Obama.

Is this a fishing expedition? In 2000, a (fluent) Spanish-speaking candidate married to a woman “born in Mexico” or Mexican American wouldn’t have a prayer. But we have President Obama, or as the media likes to spin it – the age of “post-racial America.” You have to say “hmmm.”

Republican establishment strategies bring it down to one simple goal (cue Charlie Sheen) – winning. A Jeb Bush endorsement is key for Florida (remember 2000?). Hardcore Democrats or Democrat leaning voters have hardcore memories for better and worse. Independents live in the moment (financially speaking). In “The Sting” the backroom gang used “The Wire,” a set up con so old no one would remember it. It’s been 4 years since 8 years of Bush. People will remember “The Wire” as a HBO series.

The RNC convention is taking place in Tampa, Florida. South Carolina primaries are up next. Media’s talking about Steven Colbert’s run in the primaries. Power struggles continue within the party. Long odds for a photo finish. And still too soon to tell.