This is the live feed from BP of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve restarted the “top kill” process of shooting heavy drilling mud into the hole to essentially “plug it up.” The video source and ticker is from PBS’s Newshour. The live feed was ordered by the U.S. Government. What a treat for insomniacs.

A couple of soundbytes are really disturbing to me:

Gulf of Mexico oil spill the worst in U.S. history.

Not worst in the world? You mean to say there are others that are worst?
Update: Yes! And in the Gulf of Mexico. Go here. Here’s a convenient time line from the New York Times.

Dispersants have never been used in this volume before.
When and how many times before? And how much?

It could be one year, two years, or 40 years” before Gulf shrimp is fully available. This could be a generational impact.

Link to White House page on President Obama’s visit to the Gulf Coast and more information on response to Deepwater BP Oil Spill.