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So who didn’t see this one coming?

I’m starting to lose count on things that ticked or continue to tick me off about Arizona’s governing body: MLK, Jr. holiday, birther bills, showing off high powered automatic weapons in public or if you can hide it under your coat you don’t need a permit, etc. etc. I’m not blaming the entire population of Arizona or the Grand Canyon. I’m sure there are a lot of people ticked off there too. But if I was a foreign national with a lovely sun tan looking for a vacation spot, I’d look elsewhere. See the Grand Canyon from your laptop or try New Mexico. Residents, avoid wearing gold jewelry out in public while strolling the streets of Phoenix. San Francisco gave the first shout out for a boycott based on the racist racial profiling immigration law 1070 passed by the state house last week.

I’m all for a sane road to naturalization/citizenship and immigration reform. In fact, I have friends who’ve gone through the proper channels only to have their paper work lost in the system or some other hiccup on the INS end that resulted in the growing backlog of unprocessed documentation. I’m all for decent wages and not for the people benefiting from the crumbs they hand out to undocumented workers while chuckling all the way to the bank at the growing discontent and hostilities of U.S. citizen laborers against all immigrants. I think more people should stand up taller and become more vocal around immigrant rights including the undocumented Irish immigrants in NY and MA who can probably walk the streets of Phoenix today looking as suspicious as they please without being harassed by police. There are winners and losers all around the immigration issue. And as for closing off the 2000 mile border? Good luck with that. There is no border on earth that can be totally closed off without turning into a war zone — military or otherwise.

Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer (who replaced Democrat Janet Napolitano when she became head of Homeland Security) has been a busy body. I suppose the best outcome of all this activity is action as our leaders tend to govern and legislate by crisis. Brewer also repealed partner rights. This woman is apparently on a mission. She says “God has placed me in this powerful position as Arizona’s governor.” Well, I’m not sure who’s messaging Gov. Brewer but I’ll just say like the elders…”The devil looks out for his own too.”