Next week I kick off Big Read DC programs for the Humanities Council of Washington, DC and the city read of A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines. You can find out more about that here, and I’ll be posting some updates re activities and events. Big Read months are April and May.

But this morning, after texting E-Bert on his F-16 escorted UAL flight into Denver last night (read more about his situation here and here ), I stumbled across this new Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods and the voice of his father Earl Woods. In December, I asked “What would Earl Woods say?” I guess here’s my answer.

Black and white – classic cliches of life and death, fantasy and reality, comedy and tragedy. We are in Kansas, and the yellow brick road is miles behind; or will it appear again. Are we expected to fill in the blank stare? Apparently, Tiger’s team took the recommendation to have their brand appear more vulnerable. But is vulnerability really what you want when you’re buying sports gear?

No matter how effective or ineffective this ad is, if I’m posting it, I’m sure it’s quite viral by now. But I don’t buy footwear for the purpose of contemplation. If I’m buying athletic footwear, I’m looking for the product to give me game. For the most part I’ve only been interested in Tiger Woods as an athlete, not product, or even personality. My only awe moment was at a christening party in the home of a Filipino family and seeing the excitement on the faces of several family members watching Tiger play golf on television.

I’ve ignored both Vanity Fair magazine features on his adulterous affairs. Actually the most interesting article is New York Magazine on how Rachel Uchitel, the “Hostesses” brought tricks to the table. Who needs a madam anymore when you’ve got a “ho-stess”? Cupcakes anyone?

The ad is described as intense. It’s a lead in to the Masters. Nike de claws the Tiger in this ad; swishes the swoosh. If he loses, it’s prophetic; if he wins, he’s learned his lessons at least as far as the game is concerned – priorities maybe? For all the madness in Michael Jordan’s life, Jordan’s Nike brand will always be attached to the game – the swoosh. In other words when it comes to sports, just do it.