All my life, I lived or was schooled by the adages “The show must go on.” “One monkey don’t stop no show.”

What happened with Terrence McNally’s “Lips Together, Teeth Apart” at Roundabout Theater in NYC?? – Actress Megan Mullally quits before the April 9 preview performances and the show’s cancelled. Help me Ethel Merman! Or Nike Finke. Mike Fleming holds up Deadline New York

Mullally gave notice on Monday after some tense rehearsals, and while some sources cited tensions with director Joe Mantello, others yesterday said the exit came after Mullally tried to get Oswalt replaced and left after being told no. Yesterday, McNally and Roundabout Theatre expressed hope the would be able to recast and be ready for an April 29 opening night at the American Airlines Theatre, they knew that would be a tall order and decided instead to close down the show.

No Eve Harrington lurking in the wings?

I suppose we still have “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

And I’ve also learned recently there’s no mail delivery when it snows.