The final vote on health care reform will take place tonight. All the procedural voting is done and it appears that the House Democrats have their minimum votes to pass the bill with the sounding of the gavel perhaps the same one held by Representative John Dingell (D-MI) when Medicare passed in 1965.

This health care reform will be one for the history books as well as one the Democrats will have to own. There will be not a single Republican “yes” vote on the record. Sometimes people are better caretakers of what they own. Or let’s hope.

Earlier today on ABC’s “This Week,” Karl Rove and his mini white board staged a last stand against the health care reform bill. David Plouffe was the other guest. But you never would’ve known thanks to ABC political analyst and guest “moderator” Rick Klein who lost control of the conversation and allowed Rove to hog the time. [Thank goodness Christiane Amanpour will be taking over the chair and is coming back to DC in August.]

Rove probably knew he could be out-numbered by a real numbers guy, that’s David Plouffe. He probably assumed Plouffe would rattle a list of numbers on health care as he did with caucuses and districts during the 2008 election. (Why freak when victory is at hand.) This is not their first appearance together . Rove’s tirade on the numbers with his finger on the white board began to sound like gibberish. I guess he thought throwing in the “Kabuki Theater” talking point about the President’s health care summit at Blair House several weeks ago would score some points. Rove and his associates are so keen on the cultural traditions of feudal Japan for political flourish, and so outrageous towards reform in general, one might assume “Hara-kiri” will be added to their vocabulary once this bill passes.