Quote of the day:

Who took the old Kucinich and replaced him with this pragmatic one? I like this new look much better.
Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos

This week President Obama invited Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich to take a ride with him on Air Force One. Kucinich was one of the “progressive” holdouts on the health care reform bill — Would you call the holdout a principled position or the all-or-nothing last stand. After a few bars of “Come fly with me” the Ohio Congressman joined the chorus of the “yes” vote for the health care reform bill. More “no’s” are switching to “yes” after the Congressional Budget Office’s report on the changes made to the compromised House and Senate bills. Money will be saved. The vote is expected Sunday. Looks like Democrats finally figured out how to get the ball down the field.

Here are the amendments/changes to the health care bill coming up for a vote this weekend. Gee, I wish the call to war on WMD and Iraq had received the same “laser analysis” as the health care bill.