Last night Bill Moyers hosted two compelling perspectives on the health care reform bill now in play in the Congress on his weekly PBS program. One perspective was a thumbs up (Wendell Potter); the other thumbs down (Dr. Marcia Angell). I’m more of “If not now, when?” The only way I see prices coming down and staying at a sane level is to make health care a not-for-profit enterprise. Are the insurance companies willing to give up their mega profits this year or even next? I don’t think so. Even if insurers can’t deny you for pre-existing conditions (and that includes pregnancy, aging, being overweight), will they make the premiums so insanely high that no one in these categories or others can afford them? (A backhanded denial or kick out the door.)

Michael Kieschnick, President and CEO of CREDO Action (the long distance company with a social entrepreneurial model) sent this out to CREDO customers:

..On Tuesday, March 9, the big insurance industry CEOs and their lobbyists are gathering in D.C. These are the same CEOs who are so confident they can stop the public option and real health care reform that they brazenly raised our insurance rates even while the debate over health care rages in Congress.

It’s time to fight back with a public shaming of these CEOs. I hope you can join me on Tuesday. There should be a great crowd of like-minded folks who have had enough. Why should the Tea Party crazies have all the fun?

A small number of us will be attempting a citizens’ arrest of major insurance lobbyists and CEOs. More than 45,000 people die each year because they can’t get the health care they need and deserve. We assume the D.C. police will not allow me to do this and in turn I will be arrested for this act of civil disobedience.

I am going to get arrested (so you don’t have to), but I need you and all of your friends to join us as we surround the Ritz Carlton.

Where: Gather in Dupont Circle for a march to the Ritz-Carlton where CEOs are plotting (about 0.5 mile)
When: 11:00 A.M., Tuesday, March 9

As I said, if not now, when?