Sarah Palin debuts on Fox cable tonight as the new pundit in the pit. She’ll be appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Saw this one coming like an umbrella in the rain.

Conan O’Brien is in a showdown with NBC about moving the “Tonight Show” to 12:05 AM. Jay Leno not happy about his show being canceled as a way to move him back into his old time slot. Why can’t they do these things the good old fashion way: Late Nite hosts leave when they say they will leave. Notice, it hasn’t been the same since and bad feelings all around. Nikki Finke has a take on this on Deadline Hollywood if you care enough to read.

Read the Vanity Fair article on Tiger Woods especially on a night I can’t sleep. A definite cure for insomnia. Did we really have to go there with the comparison to the O.J. low speed chase. What’s the connection besides 4 wheel drive???

The 3rd gate crasher at the White House State dinner on “Good Morning America.” Actually, I did have time to care because I have to work doors from time-to-time. It still adds up to “You’re not on the list.” Invite with no name on it (inside envelope or on invitation) + no seat card at the table + no RSVP. I’m disappointed Robin never asked if he “RSVP’d.” Didn’t come up. Just cry ignorance dude. It still adds up to “You’re not on the list.”

But even the eclectique mind can digress.