For me origami has been more than just paper folding. Once you get the hang of the basic folds, it’s pretty calming for the head and the hands. I’ve used origami to center myself, to step away from the multi-tasked brain. I’ve also used it to calm tweeners. As I said, once you get the hang of the basic folds, the room gets pretty Zen like. I’ve introduced origami to counsel grief. Again, it’s about the focus with a logical and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Very helpful when life isn’t making much sense. And finally, origami when you’re strapped for decorations. I’ve shared my college tree trimming story before.

This month, Community Cinema presents another dimension to origami – as science as art – both and separate. BETWEEN THE FOLDS is a film by Vanessa Gould. Here’s the blurb: Blurring the mysterious lines between art, science, sculpture and math, the film is an exhilarating adventure into origami, or paperfolding, featuring works of art whose emotional expressiveness and engineering complexity defy logic.

Had my math teachers introduced origami to the mix — who knows –I may have been a better math student. That’s why I called the Mathematical Association of America to be part of the screening events. OrigamiUSA is also a partner for the national ITVS Community Cinema screenings of BETWEEN THE FOLDS.

BETWEEN THE FOLDS is a pretty eclectique kind of film: art, science, math, life – it’s all good, all relevant.

The Washington, DC screenings will include HANDS ON Q&A. Papers will be provided. Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, November 15 at 3 PMWashington DC Jewish Community Center (1529 16th Street, NW)
Sunday, November 22 at 5 PMBusboys and Poets (2021 14th Street, NW)

Email or call 202-939-0794. Visit