I usually reserve Saturdays to post the President’s Weekly message, but this Saturday, eclectique|916 turns the post over to Michelle Obama. You can view and read the President’s Weekly here. [Topic is helping small business through bank lending and health care reform.]

In a video PSA posted on the White House website, the First Lady shares what health care reform means for women and women with families. Fact is, women pay more for health care than men because they use it more. Women are often denied coverage for pre-existing conditions including operations (or those little procedures as we ladies call them), even pregnancy.

Each First Lady takes up a cause. Michelle’s has been health and well-being for Americans. That includes diet, exercise, preventive care and treatment.

Seeing Michelle Obama in various venues encouraging, enlightening, and cheer leading for health care (something she’s done in her capacity in her former civilian life), I can’t help but think she can follow the example of the last Democratic First Lady, Hillary Clinton. After Barack serves out his term(s), there’s no reason why it can’t be Michelle’s turn. What will that look like? Congress or Senate seat? Perhaps the Illinois Senate seat that her husband held. I see a little Barbara Jordan determination and groundedness in Michelle and even Hillary Clinton spunk. I’m just guessing or maybe even putting it out there. I have no facts to back it up. When all is said and done she may be ready to leave Washington all together.

Shortly after the election, I was getting my cell phone upgraded. The sales person who was also a father told me he how Michelle was a role model for his daughter – “you don’t have to dumb down to attract the eye of a future President”; and for the fellas “a confident, intelligent black woman can be an asset.” But from recent reports on African American women, dating and marriage patterns, Michelle represents the exception, though many still believe she will be a boost.

Some bloggers are following Michelle’s every move like Michelle Obama Watch. Some admirers are also trying to track a rivalry between her and other popular first ladies around the globe.

Though Michelle Obama has delighted the fashion industry with her penchant for fashion, the last thing she probably needs is to be packaged as First Lady Black Barbie. “First Mom” was her self-appointed title. And even in 21st century America, “Mom” is still the safest, less threatening, and politically prudent title an intelligent, confident woman can claim for herslef especially when she is the partner to the most powerful man in the country.

Michelle doesn’t take the “First Mom” title lightly. Believe it or not, despite information highways, social networks, self help gurus and 100+ channels, there’s a generation of adults who still don’t know the basics about childcare and self care. She offers them more than just a “tsk tsk.”

You don’t really get elected to be First Lady, and it’s not a salaried job. But great responsibilities still come with the title. For now, it’s Michelle’s turn to define the role and from day one she’s turned things around in a new and exciting direction.

Michelle Obama on “The Jay Leno Show” (NBC) – October 23, 2009
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