Some people are familiar with the term “mother wit.” I’d loosely define it as a “way of knowing” combining keen observation and interest in everyday human behavior and life experiences. Mother wit is more than just common sense. It’s when my mom says something “spot on” about the ways of the world, and I’ll ask “How do you know that?” And she replies “I know my people.”

Months before Wall Street tanked last year, my mom said something about the stock market and the sky high profits. She said (and I’m paraphrasing), “There’s real profit, and then there’s something on top of that.”

Perhaps the reason why corporations have some of the same rights as people is because of the human behavior that drives it in the best and worst ways. To whom/what much is given, much should be required.

Beware of false profits.

Everyone likes a good story true or otherwise. Everyone likes a winner. Robert Reich is one of those guys I’d say has a touch of “mother wit.” I’m giving him the quote of the day about this week’s 10,000 point spike on Wall Street…

this is all temporary fluff, folks. Anyone who hasn’t learned by now that there’s almost no relationship between the Dow and the real economy deserves to lose his or her shirt in the Wall Street casino.