“The Republican Plan….Die Quickly”

I do believe the Democrats have finally found the words in what’s — like it or not — a bipartisan smackdown debate on health care reform….at least something as catchy as “death panels” thanks to Representative Alan Grayson of FL.

Will “Die Quickly” stick? Republican members requested an apology from Rep. Grayson. Grayson said he would only apologize to the “the dead.” We’ll see how this one plays, if at all, in the town hall version or what bumper stickers Grayson’s words will inspire.

I wonder what George Lakoff makes of this?

Updated: Why does Grayson matter right now? Jon Stewart explains Tuesday’s health care reform upset in the Senate Finance Committee when public option admendments submitted by Rockefeller (D-WV) and Schumer (D-NY) were struck down. FYI – The following day amendments struck down included a separate insurance for abortion and a government issued i.d. requirement (proof of citizenship) for Medicaid and children’s health care benefits.

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