I usually don’t log on Sundays, but I got distracted yesterday, using the holiday weekend to catch up with some people.

Over the summer, a high school/college friend and I went to see Blondie and Pat Benetar at Wolf Trap in Fairfax, VA. I was really pumped up about the concert anticipating all the downtown NY scene people making an appearance – spike hair, multiple piercings, off the shoulder t-shirts and all. In those days, I was the nerd in the crowd.

Much to my surprise and distraction, what I anticipated is not who showed up. There were rows and lines of beer bellies, wide bodies, gray bobs, crew necks, comfy shoes all ready to rock out to their favorite top 40 hits of the 80s.

“We just can not be the cute ones here,” I told my friend. I nearly hugged two guys who showed up in black brandishing their tattoos. Maybe it has nothing to do with age, but geography. It’s northern Virginia (I can say that coming from 5+ generations from that area).

My point is, time flies even when you’re doing absolutely nothing. “This Bitter Earth” too soon becomes the soundtrack of your life. [Dinah Washington’s version always hits the mark.]

That’s why it’s never too early to think about how to spend your money to make sure things won’t get so bitter as one grows older. In a switch from the health care message, President Obama is working on making it easier to save money in a retirement plan.

Saving for retirement is a matter of discipline and planning. For those who have neither, some of these proposals might help. Even living for the moment depends on some kind of plan to get there.