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Celebrate! As of today, Eclectique|916 has been live for one full year. It occurred to me last night as I was blogging about the Burqini. Oddly, my first post was about Muslim women’s fashion. Snap! I really didn’t plan that.

There are three people I have to thank for getting me started in blogging: Cheryl Contee (JackandJillPolitics) for telling me to stop sending those crazy long emails and start a blog; E. Ethelbert Miller (E-Notes) for posting some of my crazy long emails on his blog – actually his archives has my first live posts; and the Undercoverblackman for the moral support. My hand was shaking as I moved the mouse towards the “Publish” button in those early days. And of course, thanks to the first readers – friends and fam.

I haven’t checked the stats on the blog. Perhaps today would be a good day to do that and start posting them. It would be great to know who’s reading these days and what visitors are reading. Stay tuned for a survey.

Need to finish the Eclectique Citizen page. I think something like that is always a work-in-progress.

Is it time to extend or upgrade the brand? Expand? Redesign? Facebook page? Twitter account? I’ve been buying equipment for podcasting.

The future begins now.