Yeah Wall Street had a good week. They always manage to pull themselves out of a hole with the help of powerful friends, a little psyching up, and powerless taxpayers. But I digress. There is a method to the madness of what makes the economy tick; and GDP, the markets and all that stuff do hold up a big chunk of that sky. But we still haven’t reached the point of popping the cork on this end of the recession meaning those who hold up their sky with paychecks. In fact, the champagne isn’t even chilled yet.

It’s going to be a new economy if it’s going to be an economy at all. Fuzzy profits based on credit and not cash can’t be part of it. Having come from the go-go binge drinking pace of the former economy that nearly drove everyone into a sink hole, the President’s message advises temperance to pick ourselves up from the floor to move towards a steady recovery. It remains to be seen if this is a bounce back or just crawling away from the edge.