This week, the House passed an historic clean energy bill. Not only is this a sign that we can exhale, but maybe inhale cleaner air as well. The bill creates a national limit on greenhouse gasses and requires the “polluters” (that’s what the President calls them) to pay for it by buying credits. The next hurdle for the bill to clear is the Senate.

Here’s the break down of the House vote (H.R. 2454) by Congressperson and even Astrological sign. The bill was very popular with Scorpios. Overall, The American Clean Energy and Security Act passed by 7 votes.

It doesn’t hurt to emphasize “jobs” in any bill that’s sent up for a house vote especially in this economy. But at the same time, oversight has to be put in place. There are plenty of “hustlers” ready to make their moves on government funds to create “green jobs.” These are usually well connected, smooth talking shrewd business people who know little about the technology and logistics, but know very well the ins and outs of getting a government contract. Extensive evaluation of training and sustainability projects will be key. In other words, this can’t be business as usual. It has to be serious.

After a brutal week of loses from the Metro Red Line crash to the 1-2-3 punch of celebrity deaths (Ed, Farrah, and Michael), at least for now, we can let in a little fresh air.