The Obama Administration is looking for innovative ways to make government more effective, efficient, and less wasteful. Can these standards be applied to TARP recipients? Can government be as efficient as a kitchen table economist planning the family budget and financial priorities? The White House needs to invite my mom to that 21st Century Government planning meeting.

On another note, the President is approaching his first 100 days. If there is any unnecessary hype, I’d have to vote for judging someone’s overall performance on the first 100 days. Was it Mildred Pierce (played by Joan Crawford) who took 3 months to be a good waitress and 6 months to be the best, collecting the biggest tips? I’ll have to review that reel at some point.

MSNBC is even giving viewers a chance to put this on the letter grade scale. There are some people who never give out A’s, and some people who get pleasure giving out F’s. Here’s the link:

As far as I’m concerned, the responsibilities of this President in this Presidency is like having a dinner on board ship during a violent storm. If you manage to keep your plate on the table and keep the food down in your belly, you’re doin’ good.