The American Experience, PBS’s American history documentary series, continues to fill the gaps in our nation’s historical narrative — and not just reading between the lines. “We Shall Remain” features five iconic stories from our American history — Native American stories.

Some stories will appear slightly familiar – the Mayflower, Geronimo; other stories may be new to viewers. Many more didn’t make the cut. But we shall see if “We Shall Remain” will just be Part I of an extended Native telling of events which the series aims to place in the context of essential American history.

Stanley Nelson’s Fireside Media produced the final episode, “Wounded Knee,” the story of the American Indian movement activists at Pine Ridge. Stanley Nelson and Julianna Brannum produced the episode. Marcia Smith is the writer.

“We Shall Remain” premieres Monday, April 13 on PBS. Check local listings.