This is the video kicking off the conversation for the Economic Recovery Plan House Meetings happening nationwide starting Friday.

Unfortunately, my work schedule is preventing me from attending any of these meetings this weekend. But my gut tells me “Don’t sit this one out.” So a family member’s going and will report in.

My gut’s also telling me there are some people who are more interested in racking up political points and winning elections than helping the country. [Might as well use that line when it applies.] There are people who want to use the stimulus to prop up an old, dying economy, that has been good to them and their friends, but is irrelevant to 21st century life and progress. There are those who are too timid, stubborn, or just down right mean and selfish to look forward and apply broad strokes.

It seems when it’s the American people’s turn for help, there’s the micro-scrutinizing and witholding. When will they send social workers to the banks and investment firms to confiscate their extras bought with TARP monies?

But I’m not going to help these “some people” by being so-so busy that I can’t do something to help my country. This is part of the current civic engagement dilemma a la Catch 22 – people trying to keep up in an economic environment where income is falling behind meeting basic living expenses. So if you can go to a meeting, GO!

Update: Found a meeting that fits into my schedule. yay!

Update: President Barack Obama has published an op-ed (The Action Americans Need) in today’s (2-5-09) Washington Post.