As one President exits the White House, and another one in waiting prepares for his entrance, there’s no time like the holidays to wind down the final days. The Bushes are wrapping up their White House years with a total of 25 holiday parties and 7 dinners for a total of 60,000 guests according to Biz Bash Washington. Seems to me this is the most parties President Bush (43) hosted in a single month than during his entire eight years. But who’s counting? Actually, you may call this the grand finale for White House social secretary Amy Zantzinger before turning over the office to Desiree Rogers.

For the press holiday party, WH pastry chefs prepared cookies in the shape of the first pets, Mrs. Beasley, the elusive Kitty, and the infamous Barney. I guess this was a way of giving the press a chance to bite back.

I understand there’s a mean White House egg nog made with bourbon, dark rum and cognac. Recipe please! Is it available in the gift shop during the month of December?

Meanwhile President-elect Barack Obama (44) is spending his holiday in his native Hawaii with family and close friends, but recorded his weekly address with a holiday theme, a message for American service men and women, a bit ‘o history on the first American Christmas, and some comfort and joy for the rest of us.