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Into “The 5th Inning”

NY Times

NY Times

There’s always a place in my heart for a “Cinderella team.” Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays.

My friend Ethelbert Miller’s walking up to the plate with his second memoir, The 5th Inning. When we’re not talking politics, Ethelbert’s been polishing up his memoir. Our mutual friend Andy Shallal, owner of Busboys and Poets, is designing the cover art. When we’re not talking politics, Andy’s running several restaurants, creating art work, and providing ground support for artists and activists. I’m getting 8 hours sleep. Maybe it’s time for me to set that 5 a.m. wake up call.

Even Ethelbert’s beat me to the chase in cutting a video excerpt of his memoir which will be published in 2009 – a Busboys and Poets product. Fathering Words was Ethelbert’s first memoir published in 2000.

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